Guadeloupe Tourism Growing and is on a Roll

In fall 2013, the Guadeloupe Islands announced a 26 percent increase in tourism arrivals over the previous year. This is virtually unprecedented in the Caribbean (and anywhere else), where occupancy rates rose 2 percent, on average. How did this collection of isles, which include beach resorts on Grande-Terre, eco- and beach resorts on far more rugged Basse-Terre, rural Marie-Galante, très French Les Saintes, and sleepy La Desirade, do it? And even more important, what’s on tap for 2014? The Guadeloupe Tourism Growing continues READ MORE

Guadeloupe and Martinique have stepped up their Tourism marketing efforts for the United States. More US based airlines are offering service to the islands from mainland United States. These islands which are popular with European tourist are appealing for the US market. With European standards, Caribbean culture, beautiful beaches, the warm weather and available yacht charter and land accommodation options there is definitely growth potential.

We work with crewed catamarans that are based in Guadeloupe and Martinique. These catamarans are operated by crews who speak English and are very familiar with the American charter guests.

Guadeloupe tourism

Guadeloupe Tourism is on a Roll

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