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Our yacht charter specialist Chris Patrick visited Dauntless at the Grenada Crewed Yacht Charter Show earlier this year. He was certainly impressed with this beautiful new monohull, its attentive crew, and their delicious healthy cuisine.

We would like to extend their summer special savings directly to you. Now offering 10% OFF ALL CHARTERS! aboard Grenadines sailing yacht charter DAUNTLESS. Charter must be booked by November 1 to receive special discount. 

Grenadines sailing yacht charter DAUNTLESS charters in the  The US, Spanish, and British Virgin Islands,  as well as St Vincent and the Grenadines, and as far south as Grenada.

Grenadines Sailing Yacht Charter DAUNTLESS

The Crew

Captain Jim was born in Maine and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, before he enlisted in the US Coast Guard for 4 years.  Next, Jim attended Penn State and received a BS in Landscape Architecture. Using his design background and experience, Jim designed and built the home that he, and his wife, have enjoyed for 20 years.

Jim was drawn to the clean lines and craftsmanship of the Jeanneau fleet DAUNTLESS, which truly marry form & function. Grenadines sailing yacht charter DAUNTLESS is beautiful, comfortable and rides smooth & steady.Jim cant wait to share his yacht, the beautiful water and islands, and his enthusiasm with you!

Judy is Chef and First Mate on Grenadines sailing yacht charter DAUNTLESS. What started as food journey to improve her health has become a passion for making great food. After conventional medicine failed her, Judy turned to a holistic approach to full body well-being, with Real Food being the key. Whole food is not only healthy: it is DELICIOUS!

As the Chef onboard the Dauntless, Judy is excited to be able to work with the local Caribbean markets to provide fresh, tasty ingredients to create one-of-a-kind, satisfying dishes for her guests. How fun to enjoy the local fare in the comfort of your own private yacht, surrounded by crystal clear water with your favorite libation in-hand!

Grenadines Sailing Yacht Charter DAUNTLESS

The Cuisine

For Breakfast enjoy quinoa crusted egg muffins-filled with sausage (maple/apple or chipotle,) vegetables, gruyer cheese and fresh herbs.

For Lunch there’s tarragon chicken salad served with fresh bread over homemade red cabbage slaw. Or, plate up some grilled burgers with cheese, caramelized onion, sautéed mushroom, avocado, lettuce, or tomato; with potato or pasta salad on the side.

Dinner is a delight with grilled fresh catch (maybe yours?) with herb rice & lobster slaw. Bar B.Q. pork tenderloin sliders on brioche bun with roasted potatoes and asparagus in lemon butter. Or try their delicious thai coconut chicken served over vegetable quinoa.

This is a sample menu and can be customized to your taste and preferences.

Contact BVISAIL Charters, a division of CKIM Group, for more info at (321) 777-1707

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