FIRE on Catamaran Yacht BR5

Sinks Boat and Injures Crew Member

Nick and Lucy are two very beautiful people. For the last 5+ years our yacht charter brokers visited Nick and Lucy onboard Best Revenge 5 (BR5) at the annual BVI Yacht Shows. They sipped Lucy’s hand-made fruit cocktails as they toured the highly maintained Privilege luxury catamaran yacht BR5.  The yacht always looked incredible and Nick and Lucy were always charming hosts. They took much pride in their beloved BR5 and kept her in immaculate condition.

Nick and Lucy are a winning combination. Together they thrill and inspire their guests. With Lucy’s enthusiasm for exquisite food and Nick’s expert sailing, BR5 was considered one of the most sought after catamarans in the crewed yacht charter industry. Known for her gourmet cuisine, state of the art sailing, as well as a talented and hard working talented crew.

Captain Nick and Chef Lucy are wonderful people! Nick – an experienced captain who trains other catamaran captains – is cool, calm and laid back. Lucy will delight you with a combination of local flavors for meals and local drinks. They both love the Caribbean, especially Dominica.

Best Revenge 5 relocates to New England for the summer months. While there, she, and her crew, underwent massive tragedy…

Fire on Catamaran Yacht BR5

Best Revenge 5

The Burning of Best Revenge 5

The following article was written by Best Revenge 5 owner Josh Goldberg…

“At about 1:00 am very early Tuesday morning, July 11th,  Best Revenge (BR5) caught fire, possibly from some kind of electrical issue, while docked at our Marina in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The boat was almost immediately engulfed in flames, and the crew, Nick and Lucy, were in a race for their lives. Nick escaped unscathed through a hatch in the roof of the boat and jumped into the water, but Lucy got turned around and ran out through the salon where the heart of the fire was.

Lucy sustained serious burns on her lower legs, feet, arms, and hands. Unfortunately, some of those on her arms are in fact 3rd degree burns – which we just found out will require grafts (which will be happening in the next day or two). She is in the Burn Unit at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She will recover… and, miraculously, her beautiful face (with that radiant infectious smile) was not disfigured…but she will have a tough road ahead.

Lucy is an extraordinary person. Courageous and selfless… a rather magical combination. Our days since with her & Nick at the hospital have reinforced in my view that all that really matters in life is people and not things.

BR5 burned up completely and sank. She is gone. It still feels surreal for me to read that as I type this. She was our home for 14 years filled with joy, adventures, celebrations, and – most of all – love. She was the place where those I care about most gathered together with me and mine. We all keep thinking that it isn’t real, and the sense of loss is palpable.”

Help Nick and Lucy

“What is never replaceable are the people around you in your life. That is why all our focus is now on Lucy’s full recovery and Nick and Lucy’s transition to a new future. BR5 was literally and figuratively their home. They lost virtually everything, getting off the boat with only the clothes they were sleeping in and one cell phone. Actually, Nick jumped into the water with nothing on and fought the fire with a towel wrapped around his waist.

The GoFundMe Campaign to help them with the financial challenges they face as they transition to a new future at some point in time. I feel no shame in encouraging any and all of you who know Nick and Lucy (and even those who don’t) to pitch in whatever you feel you can. No amount is too small – all I request is that, if you do participate, sooner is better than later.”

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