Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

7-Night Sailing Itinerary: Two countries in One Vacation!

St Thomas Harbor, U.S. Virgin Islands - Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary - US & BVI

St Thomas Harbor, U.S. Virgin Islands

Take a look at our Virgin Islands sailing itinerary, which combines the best of The U.S. and British Virgin Islands

Day 1 – St. Thomas to Christmas Cove, Great St. James

You will begin your 8-day sailing excursion at Red Hook Harbor on St. Thomas. Enjoy a smooth 45-minute sail to the uninhabited island of Great St. James and jump into the turquoise waters at Christmas Cove for an afternoon swim and snorkel. The calm waters of this well-protected cove are a National Marine Sanctuary. Here you will see lots of fish, sea turtles, and friendly stingrays. Overnight in this quiet and protective cove.

Day 2 — Caneel Bay, St. Johns

On day 2 of your journey you sail to beautiful St. John’s Island. Though it is the smallest of the three U.S Virgin Islands, St. John’s unspoiled beauty is perhaps the greatest found anywhere in the Caribbean. With 60% of its land area comprising a pristine National Park, St. John’s is as far away as you can get from civilization, but still just a short distance from upscale jewelry stores and boutiques.

Sunset at Turtle Beach, Caneel Bay - Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary - US & BVI

Sunset at Turtle Beach, Caneel Bay

At Caneel Bay, you may want to visit the beaches, go hiking, snorkeling or just relax, before heading back to your private yacht.

Day 3 — Jost Van Dyke

On your third day out at sea we depart Caneel Bay and head over to White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, one of the kings of Caribbean beaches. Consisting of beach bars, hammocks, and total strangers that will be your best friend by day’s end, this beach is F-U-N and lively!

Tonight you dock at Great Harbour and dine at “Foxy’s Tamarind Bar and Grill”. The quintessential beach bar–on the beach, open to the elements, and personally attended to by Foxy Callwood — is a favorite among yachties from across the globe. What began as little more than a lemonade-stand-size bar which was supposed to be open for one day only, Foxy’s has evolved into a major cultural force. Known for its great local food, Foxy’s has Friday and Saturday barbecues, Rotis and flying fish sandwiches, grilled fresh fish, and lobster for dinner.

Day 4 — Marina Cay

In the morning you depart Jost Van Dyke and sail on to Marina Cay with a stop at the uninhabited islands of Green Cay and Sandy Cay. Green Cay is an exciting dive and snorkel site which has a series of pinnacles covered with brightly colored sponges and branching hydroid fans which shelter abundant marine life such as juvenile Angel Fish and Glassy Minnows, as well as Jacks, large Dog Snappers, schools of Barracuda and huge Tarpon. Onshore is a beach composed entirely of coral, smoothed by the action of the waves. A few hundred yards onto the island, there is a small shipwreck of a more modern-looking boat.

The post-card perfect little island of Sandy Cay is a gem in the ocean. It is surrounded by picture-perfect, white sandy beaches that are speckled with clusters of rocks, green vegetation, and two lonely coconut palms. The British Virgin Islands is truly blessed to lay claim to such an enchanting little island. Tourists from all over the world enjoy sunbathing, excellent snorkeling, picnics and exploring this special paradise in the sun.

Snorkeling at Monkey Point, Guana Island - Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary - US & BVI

Snorkeling at Monkey Point, Guana Island

Head over to Monkey Point on the southwestern tip of Guana Island. Home to large Tarpon and schools of Silversides, this spot is renowned for it’s snorkeling. Hidden among the coral formations are Golden-tail Morays and an abundance of Blue Stripe Grunts.

Afterward, sail to Marina Cay to anchor for the night. There are few places like the small Marina Cay. The flower-covered eight-acre island is ringed by a soft white sandy beach. The island is nestled in a sheltered emerald green lagoon whose shallow waters are always calm and lukewarm. The perfect place for a relaxing night swim. Have drinks on the deck and enjoy a delicious dinner onboard.

Day 5 — Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Today you set sail to Spanish Town, the main town on Virgin Gorda. Stopover to explore The Baths. This unusual geologic formation, located on the southern end of the island, is a major tourist destination. At The Baths, the beach shows evidence of the island’s volcanic origins, as huge granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, forming scenic grottoes, or caves, that are open to the sea.

Enjoy the day snorkeling or diving the Wreck of the Rhone. Made famous in the movie “The Deep,” this is one of the great adventures for snorkelers and divers alike. Snorkelers can enjoy floating over the wreck from the surface of the water with your mask and fins. Divers submerge for a closer look, exploring the nooks and crannies of this fascinating wreck.

Overnight in Spanish Town and enjoy another gourmet dinner prepared especially for you by your private chef.

Day 6 — North Sound, Virgin Gorda

Ahhhh…Another day in paradise! This morning you venture out for a great day of water-sports at The Dog Islands. The Dog Islands, named for the barking sounds of the extinct Caribbean Seal, are a series of small islands in the Sir Francis Drake Channel. These islands are a Marine National Park and Seabird Refuge with great diving and snorkeling. They are a great windsurfing venue as well.

Afterward, head out to The North Sound to overnight. Visit Leverick Bay Resort and Marina or Oil Nut Bay Resort or anchor in North Sound enjoying the breeze, beaches, and ambiance. Enjoy another scrumptious dinner onboard your private yacht.

Day 7 — Norman Island

Today you sail to Norman Island, but along the way, you will stop at Peter Island–a large island known for its great beaches. Considered one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, Deadman’s Bay is but one of five beaches on Peter Island. Deadman’s Bay is huge and has several different beaches along its one-mile shoreline. It has good snorkeling at both ends. If you’re looking for a quiet stretch of sand, venture to the secluded Honeymoon Beach at the tip of the peninsula. Or sail over to the south side of the island and enjoy lovely White Bay, so named for its long, sparkling white sand and visited by only a few charter boats.

"The Indians" near Norman Island, US Virgin Islands - Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary - US & BVI

“The Indians”

As you approach Norman Island, you will enjoy a stop at The Indians. The Indians, just a stone’s throw from Norman Island and beside Pelican Island, is a wonderful place to snorkel. It is named for its tall rock formations that look somewhat like an indian headdress!

Once at Norman Island you may want to explore the Caves. These 3 water-level caves at the base of cliffs are ideal for snorkeling and, if one goes deep enough into the cliffs, darkness makes the experience like a night dive. This is an excellent location to overnight. The island has no permanent inhabitants (other than wild goats), but there is a restaurant and bar named “Pirates”, located in The Bight. There is also the famous barge named the William Thornton (or “Willie T’s” to locals) which operates as a bar and restaurant. These are two fun locations to enjoy a happy hour and a casual dinner.

Day 8 — St. Thomas, USVI

On your way to St. Thomas, where you will depart, make one last memory at beautiful St. John’s Island. Though it is the smallest of the three U.S Virgin Islands, St. John’s unspoiled beauty is perhaps the greatest found anywhere in the Caribbean. With 60% of its land area comprising a pristine National Park, St. John’s is as far away as you can get from civilization, but still just a short distance from upscale jewelry stores and boutiques.

Here we stop in at Cruz Bay Town which is full of great restaurants and shops. Enjoy Wharfside Village, Pusser’s Landing, and other funky centers. Or take one last snorkel at Honeymoon Beach. This pretty, white sand beach, lined with palm trees, entices you with its crystal clear waters and offers fair snorkeling.

Head to your final destination St. Thomas and delight in Frenchtown’s authentic Caribbean cuisine. Frenchtown is a small quaint town steeped in history and is home to some really great restaurants such as “Hook Line and Sinker”, “Alexander’s”, or “Craig and Sally’s”—where you will want to take your time choosing from the casual restaurant’s creative menu, everything from pasta to lobster or quail. Here you will make lots of friends as the bar is always filled with a crowd of friendly folks. A perfect dining experience to conclude the perfect Caribbean yacht charter vacation!

Whether it is scuba diving, snorkeling, or on-land sight seeing that interest you most, we will build a virgin islands sailing itinerary that best suits your interests and desires. This is just a sample of what your yacht charter adventure in the U.S. & British Virgin Islands may look like. Furthermore, weather – or other outside factors – may require your Captain to set an alternative course for a duration of your trip. “As the wind blows, so shall the sail”.

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