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Moorings US Virgin Islands

Moorings US Virgin Islands

List of Mooring Sites in the US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas

  • Benner Bay
  • Charlotte Amalie Harbor
  • Red Hook
  • Cowpet Bay
  • Water Bay
  • Hull Bay
  • Jersey Bay
  • Long Bay
  • Vessup Bay
  • Bolongo Bay
  • Elephant Bay
  • Secret Harbor

Water Island

  • Flamingo Bay
  • Honeymoon Bay (Druif Bay)

St. John

  • Coral Bay Harbor
  • Great Cruz Bay
  • Francis Bay
  • Cruz Bay
  • Chocolate Hole
  • Francis Bay

St. Croix

  • Christiansted Harbor
  • Frederiksted Harbor
  • Chenay Bay
  • Cotton Garden Bay
  • Salt River
  • Teague Bay(Read Note on National Park Below)

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