BVI Catamaran Charter QUEST Shaking Things up

BVI Catamaran Charter QUESTis Shaking Things up HAPPY NEW YEAR from Captain Chris Brizzolara & Chef/first mate Nikki Assalone of BVI Catamaran charter QUEST! QUEST is shaking things up with new offerings! QUEST now offers Day Sailing and shorter charters starting at 3 days. In addition, they offer themed retreats like yoga/wellness and learn to scuba charters. […]

Caribbean Luxury Yacht Charter ORION

Get ready to have the adventure of a lifetime onboard Caribbean luxury yacht charter ORION. Discover the beautiful island of Antigua before the busy season begins. Each day snorkel in the calm and clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Hang above deck and relax in the sun with a cocktail or book in hand. […]

Wellness Yacht Charter Offer Best of Both Worlds

Wellness Yacht Charter Hybrid Vacation Many people seek spa vacations as a way to unwind, cleanse and meditate. They are often used as a way to completely relax or as a starting point for a new way of eating or living. If you’ve ever experienced this type of wellness travel, you’ve no doubt returned feeling […]

Yoga Connects with Yacht Chartering for Complete Restoration

One of the beautiful after-effects of a vacation onboard a luxury yacht charter is the reconnection of the mind, body, and spirit.  The goal of many yoga practices is often the same: a focus on the connection between the mind and body.  Recognizing this similarity has inspired some crews to offer yoga to their charter […]