The Unknown Island Caribbean Island of Saba

The unknown Caribbean Island of Saba formerly in the Dutch Caribbean island known, is known for its diving, its fascinating topography and its medical school. And also for its lace. But it is also not known, and that is something the islanders relish. “It’s just 12 minutes by plane from St Maarten, a little less […]

Caribbean Island Vacation St Eustatius

Caribbean Island Vacation St Eustatius The Caribbean’s Undiscovered Island Caribbean Island Vacation St Eustatius: While it’s just a 20-minute flight from St Maarten, the island of ST EUSTATIUS has a population of only 4,000 people and is not yet a tourism destination in any significant way. St Eustatuis’ main town of Oranjestad is a winding, cobblestone-covered collection […]

BVI Sailing Vacation

Caribbean / BVI Sailing Vacation Why Choose the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for your next Caribbean Sailing Vacation? The BVI Stimulates the Senses For the first-time yacht charterer, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the ideal Caribbean destination. The variety of anchorages, access to marinas, and the assortment of restaurants combined with secluded islands – like Anegada […]

Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations Advantage Over Cruises

Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations Have Advantages Over Cruises So, you’ve decided that you and the family definitely need some time in the warm, blue Caribbean waters. Without a doubt you want to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun, delicious food, and exciting water sports. A cruise sounds fun, but with stories in the news […]