New Yacht Charter Wellness Program Onboard Shangri La

Shangri La

Shangri La – Yacht Charter Wellness Program

You can feel good about chartering Shangri La. This 52-foot Lagoon offers something unique: a wellness retreat program.

“We’ve already done two charters with this program and guests enjoyed it a lot,” said Daniela Drescher, first-mate and chef onboard Shangri La. Bernd Forstner is the captain and also in charge of getting guests’ blood pumping both in the water and on dry land. This married couple decided to give up their careers as doctors in Austria to become boat owners. They have been in the charter business for over 14 years.

Bernd Forstner is the captain and Daniela Drescher, first-mate and chef onboard Shangri La.

The program includes “movement and relaxation exercises with delicious healthy cuisine.”

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Talented Crew waiting for you

The current stew, Antonia Werkgartner, is also from Austria and has specialized in high-end hospitality for many years. She also speaks English, German, Italian and French.

The crew on Shangri La has developed exercises and activities stemming from traditional Asian yin and yang movements.

The yin activities are inwardly focused and include activities such as yoga, pilates, and massages. Yang activities increase the heart rate and improve stamina like jogging, swimming, and snorkeling.

“We instruct guests to assess how they feel each day and to be in tune with the needs of their bodies,” said the write-up for the new wellness program.

“A combination of yin and yang activities can help ensure balance in the body’s biochemistry,” it continued.

Foreward Cabin – Shangri La

Daniela teaches yoga and meditation, which is done on the foredeck of the boat. Bernd is responsible for the “active part” such as snorkeling and onshore workouts.

For massages, the crew now some excellent massage therapists on Scrub Island and in Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda.

What makes the Virgin Islands perfect for a wellness program?

Why is the Virgin Islands the perfect place to have a yacht charter wellness program? “The water is clear, the snorkeling is great, the beaches are beautiful,” said Daniela. ” “And the VIs have good grocery stores as well to provide healthy and good food to the guests,” she continued.

The gourmet, organic menu complements the wellness retreat program perfectly. Daniela incorporates seeds, grains, fresh local fruits and vegetables, chicken and seafood into her cooking. Vegetarian meals or special dietary needs are easily accommodated on request.

“The important thing is balance,”

“The important thing is the balance,” said Daniela. Guests do not have to worry about abstaining from certain foods and alcohol so you can still have that rum punch. The key is balancing it out with exercise and healthy food.

Shangri La – Virgin Islands Catamaran Wellness Charter

Find that balance

“Small things can make such a difference and this is what guests should learn,” said Daniela. “And of course after a day with lots of exercises you deserve a glass of good wine,” she continued.

A selection of teas, fresh juices are also offered onboard for cleansing the body. According to the press release, the crew pays “detailed attention to individual needs with a goal to perfectly balance nutrition and improve energy and vitality.

You’ll get your own cookbook at the end!

And at the end of the trip, each guest receives a recipe book to bring their new healthy lifestyle back home.

Shangri La – Virgin Islands Catamaran Wellness Charter

The boat recently won “Best Boat in Show Runner Up” for boats over 52 feet in the USVI Charter Yacht Show. ” Shangri La also won the “1st Prize for Appetizer” and “2nd Prize for Entrée“.

According to Shangri La’s crew, one week onboard and you should feel sensational!

SHANGRI LA OFFERING 15% OFF new charters booked for January & February 2020

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