Grenada Sailing Adventures of Good Medicine:

“The BBQ Donut” – St. Georges, Grenada
Good Medicine and her scurvy crew are off for a brief sail north to St. George’s, Grenada, in a warm southeasterly breeze. A beautiful and popular anchorage lies just outside of the very protected harbor. Azure blue waters below and a gorgeous sunset view to the east made an excellent setting for a relaxing evening aboard Good Medicine.

Crewed catamaran GOOD MEDICINE

Crewed catamaran GOOD MEDICINE

In the morning it was time to explore the town of St. George!s. At the entrance, we were greeted by the local harbormaster perched authoritatively on his red throne quietly pointing out the safe passage to the inner harbor. A short dinghy ride further and we were ashore at the brand new Port Louis Marina. From the inner
harbor the view was spectacular in every direction and it just gets better as you go up the hills. As Chris Doyle promised in his cruising guide, and we had to agree, this is the most beautiful town in the Caribbean.

Before long, Sueno’s faultless fruit radar quickly zeroed in on a tree loaded with a rack of soon to be ripe bananas. Right beside the tree, we found that were being closely monitored by a pair of blue parrots that wished to play and talk with us. We strolled to the Careenage where the local fishermen bring in their daily catch.  Brightly painted boats and fresh fish caught our attention. Sueno calls these Aji and knows how to turn them into a delicious dinner. What a surprise to see a Japanese fishing boat here! It turns out that Japan donated six boats to the Grenada fishermen.

Back at the Marina and onboard Good Medicine, I consider being skipper of the BBQ Donut. Sueno says that would make me a Donut Captain! We both must say, Grenada is an amazing island full of discovery around every corner.
Capt Bob

Good Medicine is a crewed 46ft catamaran available for charter in the Caribbean. Accommodating six guests in 3 staterooms. Physician Continuing Medical Education is offered onboard.

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