Guadeloupe Boat Charter – Marie-Galante

Guadeloupe Boat Charter Marie Galante

 part of the Guadeloupe archipelago in the French West Indies


Guadeloupe boat charter Marie Galante experience. Located approximately 45 minutes away by ferry from Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante is a world apart with its captivating tranquil and authentic Caribbean nature. Marie-Galante is famous for the production and distillation of sugar cane as well as the best and strongest rum produced in Guadeloupe Islands. It has remained the old-world charm, as it is still possible to come across oxcarts (once the only form of transport).

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Moulin, Bellevue Distillery, Marie-Galante

Major sites include:

  • Le Château Murat, a former sugar plantation
  • La Feuillère beach
  • Notre-Dame church
  • The Bézard Windmill, the only one in full working condition today
  • The Bellevue, Bielle and Poisson distilleries (and its famous Père Labat rum)
  • Anse-Canot beach, a small creek between two hillocks


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