Catamaran yacht charters

Catamaran yacht charters are the most popular crewed yacht charter boats at the present time. Spacious accommodations with covered main decks, flybridges with 360-degree views, lots of flat deck lounging areas make these yachts appealing to the casual sailor who is looking for comfort and being close to the water.

Some of the popular crewed charter catamaran models are the following:

  • Matrix 76 *Sunreef 74 *Fontaine Pajot 67 *Sunreef 62 *Lagoon 62 *Lagoon 56*Privilege 74*Privilege 585*Voyage 580

The ideal catamaran would depend on the size of your group and or the level of service you wish to enjoy.  As some catamarans are crewed with 2 crew while others have 3 plus crew members.

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