Experienced Luxury Yacht Charter Chef Embraces Culinary Challenge

When you step aboard luxury catamaran charter Pas de Deux, the warmth of the crew quickly envelops you. Captain Tony Trappe and Chef Kate Purdy both have extensive experience in sailing and hospitality, which makes your charter experience with them seem professional yet effortless. Custom Designed Menus For instance, Kate specially designs her menus according […]

St Lucia’s Floating Fruit Stands

St Lucia Caribbean Cuisine St Lucia Caribbean Cuisine: THE EASTERN Caribbean is home to some of the best fresh produce on earth. Guadeloupe, Dominica, St Lucia, Martinique — Whether it’s papayas or sugar apples or even the familiar banana you’re looking for, you can find superb varieties in this corner of the West Indies…Read More […]

Sustainable Food Sources Important to Charter Crews

The CYBA’s Green Initiative works with the crews on charter yachts in the BVI to promote eco-friendly methods of providing the excellent service and experiences guests have come to expect. The chefs on these charter yachts participate in this effort by supporting local food sources and creatively accommodating plant-based diets, among other methods. They understand […]

Discussion on Plant based Diet

Plant based diet Exclusive Interview with Vegan Environmentalist Suzy Amis-Cameron Former model and actress Suzy Amis-Cameron — as any avid Ecorazzi reader knows — has since 2012 been embracing a plant-based diet. Alongside her famous filmmaker husband James Cameron, the pair has become very vocal with their vegan advocacy, touting not only the personal health […]

New Cookbook for Plant-Based Eating

Plant Based Cuisine There’s a New Exciting Cookbook Out for Plant-Based Eating Diets Plant based cuisine eating is a way of life for the Esselstyns. After all, the patriarch of the family is Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., whose research and powerful presentations on how to prevent, halt, and even reverse heart disease have inspired […]

Wellness Yacht Charter Offer Best of Both Worlds

Wellness Yacht Charter Hybrid Vacation Many people seek spa vacations as a way to unwind, cleanse and meditate. They are often used as a way to completely relax or as a starting point for a new way of eating or living. If you’ve ever experienced this type of wellness travel, you’ve no doubt returned feeling […]

Sailboat charter Bel Ami offers guests vegan cuisine

Sailboat charter Bel Ami offers guests vegan cuisine Yacht Bel Ami offers guests vegan cuisine. Enjoy the cuisine and the Virgin Islands on Bel Ami. The Virgin Islands are Captain Dave’s playground. He fell in love with the Virgin Islands in 1977 and has been sailing here since then. He has a USCG 50 ton […]

Virgin Islands Yacht Charter with Vegan Cuisine

Vegetarian Boat Charter Virgin Islands Captain Dave and First Mate Bobbi onboard S/Y Bel Ami based in the Virgin Islands are dedicated to providing charter guests with delightful Vegan / Vegetarian cuisine while on your sailing vacation in the Virgin Islands.

S/Y Bel Ami’s Pasta Dish – Plant Based

Plant-Based Cuisine Virgin Islands sailboat charter Bel Ami Plant-based cuisine Virgin Islands sailboat charter Bel Ami. Far as a whole food, plant-based meal, we just finished eating a fabulous vegan pasta meal:  This provided more than enough for two people plus leftovers: Cook up the pasta of your choice. Sauce:4 cloves of garlic, minced1/2 cup onion, […]