15 Unique Activities for French West Indies Boat Charter

 One of the catamarans we’ve come to know in the British Virgin Islands, charter boat Lolalita is currently chartering in the French West Indies. Unfamiliar with the area? Trust these experts! Husband and wife owner/operators Ernie and Megan Schlobohm know the French West Indies well, and took some time from their busy hosting and sailing […]

Things to do in Martinique

 Things to do in Martinique Looking for Fun & Adventure in Martinique? Two things to do in Martinique: 1. Visit the 17th century Fort Saint-Louis Let us arrange for you a guided tour of this recently restored 17th-century fort, just opened to the public. Originally carved from a rocky promontory jutting out into The Bay of Fort-de-France, Fort […]

Restaurants Martinique: A’ Table

Restaurants Martinique : A’ Table You will want to check out these great ‘must-not-miss’ restaurants, on your next yacht charter vacation in beautiful Martinique. Beach Restaurant: Le Petibonum Everything here is original: the place is unique and the food is simple but innovative. Ideally situated on the west coast of Martinique, Le Petibonum restaurant is the […]

Martinique Outdoor Activities

Martinique Outdoor Activities? Martinique outdoor activities and Green Martinique activities? Martinique the “flower of the Caribbean”, has so much to offer in a green outdoor setting! Martinique activities that get you out and about include: Strolling the grounds of one of Martinique’s gorgeous botanical gardens go kayaking  downstream in a mangrove forest Try aquatic “canyoning” […]