15 Unique Activities for French West Indies Boat Charter

 One of the catamarans we’ve come to know in the British Virgin Islands, charter boat Lolalita is currently chartering in the French West Indies. Unfamiliar with the area? Trust these experts! Husband and wife owner/operators Ernie and Megan Schlobohm know the French West Indies well, and took some time from their busy hosting and sailing […]

Guadeloupe Islands Video

Guadeloupe Islands Video Guadeloupe Launches New Campaign With Season 2 of “Let Me Show You My Islands”. Watch their fantastic Guadeloupe Islands Video Starring Ambassador Willy Monfret “Guadeloupe Islands, Naturally Active” Theme invites travelers to experience The French-Caribbean Archipelago like never before. Guadeloupe Islands, May 6, 2014 – The Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board has extended […]

The Tiny Islands of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Seven Tiny Islands Guadeloupe, with five major islands to check out, is an island hopper’s dream come true. But this archipelago in the French West Indies also has a number of tiny islets dotting the water. The Carib Journal ‘s article is about Guadeloupe seven tiny islands. These spots of paradise are the perfect […]

Things To Do In Guadeloupe

There are many wonderful things to do in Guadeloupe – and the island of  “Basse-Terre” has it all! The Guadeloupe Archipelago is comprised of five beautiful islands, each adding its own distinct flavor to the Guadeloupe experience. Basse-Terre, the west wing of the “Guadeloupe Butterfly”, lies adjacent to Grande-Terre and is nicknamed the “Emerald Isle”. […]

Guadeloupe Tourism Growing

Guadeloupe Tourism Growing and is on a Roll In fall 2013, the Guadeloupe Islands announced a 26 percent increase in tourism arrivals over the previous year. This is virtually unprecedented in the Caribbean (and anywhere else), where occupancy rates rose 2 percent, on average. How did this collection of isles, which include beach resorts on […]

Guadeloupe Hotel Bookings Increase

Guadeloupe Hotel Bookings Increase The Guadeloupe Hotel Bookings increase  as there is a surge in hotel room night bookings, according to a report by Kuoni Global Travel Service. Room night bookings are up 26 percent for the year, compared to the same period in 2012, according to the report…Guadeloupe Sees Surge in Hotel Bookings Guadeloupe […]

Guadeloupe Boat Charter Cuisine and Rum

Guadeloupe Boat Charter Cusine Bon  Appetit! Guadeloupe Cuisine You may be familiar with French foods like foie gras and Camembert, but the Creole specialties may be a bit harder to define, so here’s a quick guide to six wonderful dishes you won’t want to miss. ACCRAS: Appetizers that are seafood or vegetable fritters. BLAFF: Poached […]

Dominica Boat Charter Sailing Itinerary

Dominica boat charter knows the island of Dominica well, and are ready to take you on a Sailing Vacation of a Lifetime Dominica is a great place to visit for its culture and natural environment. When visiting Dominica you will Marvel at the many waterfalls Delight over the fresh and unique fruits and vegetables Experience […]