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Grand Anse Beach Grenada

The Loving Caribbean Spice- Grenada

Grenada- the Spice Island is a place where the untouched beauty of nature embraces people with an authentic way of life. In fact, two things Grenada is famous for are spices and beaches. The island’s extremely fertile soil allows the production of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. In fact, Grenada grows more spices per square mile than anywhere else in the world. You can experience the Grenada Boat Charter in the stunningly blue waters of the Caribbean. Additionally, the island nation of Grenada is three small islands. Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique join together to create a tropical vacation destination. Miles of black and white sand beaches surround the island. Volcanic in origin, Grenada obviously has a mountainous interior. The tallest point on the island is Mount Saint Catherine, which reaches 2,757 feet above sea level. Also, several small rivers with beautiful waterfalls flow into the sea from these mountains.

Grand Anse Beach Grenada, can be visited on a Grenada Boat Charter
Grand Anse Beach, Grenada


Of course, the best time to visit this tropical island is between December and April. Hence, these are the months with the least amount of rainfall. But this is also peak season. You will find a high level of activities on the island and for this reason the best time if you are looking to party. November or May can provide a slight increase of brief, tropical showers. They are usually only brief and still give way to abundant sunshine. The average daytime temperatures are 82-88 F year-round. Grenada’s rainy season lasts from June to December. And those visiting the islands during these months should arrive with preparations.

Hillsborough, Carriacou on Grenada
Hillsborough, Carriacou

Places to See on your Grenada Boat Charter

  • Grand Anse Beach – the 3 km long Grand Anse Beach in St George. And midway along the beach Grande Anse Craft and Spice Market, a popular spot.
  • Carriacou – is the largest of the three islands. Even so, not as widely visited as Grenada. The natural and historical attractions of Carriacou range from the beaches that circle the island to the numerous national parks. Additionally, underwater sites such as “Kick-em Jenny”, an active volcano just off the coast are worth seeing.
  • Petite Martinique – Less than one thousand permanent residents rarely visited by tourists. Those who do venture to the island do so to experience absolute privacy and solitude. You should not miss it during your Grenada Boast Charter.
  • Island Spice tours
  • Belmont Estate and Grenada Chocolate Factory
  • Fort George, Frederick, Matthew
  • Belair National Park and High North Peak
  • Grenada National Museum
  • St George’s Market
  • La Sagesse Nature Centre
  • Gun Point and the Carriacou Museum

Things to Do

The three islands of Grenada offer different experiences for travelers. Tourism is typically centered on Grenada, the largest island, and even more concentrated in the city of St. George’s. This is where the airport, numerous resorts, and large shopping centers are located. Not to mention what is considered one of the most picturesque harbors in the West Indies.

  • Walking on the Beach – Grenada has many idyllic beaches around its coastline. Including the 3 km long Grand Anse Beach in St George. This is one of the finest beaches in the world. And as a result often appears in countdowns of the world’s top ten beaches. Besides, many resorts in Grenada have lovely private beaches as well. St. George’s, which is Grenada’s capital city, is in fact situated in the crater of a long-extinct volcano.
  • Hiking – Abundant waterfalls in the island’s interior and hiking trails thread through the lush rainforest.
  • Swimming
  • Diving and snorkeling – Coral reefs rim the coast. White Island Marine Park and Sandy Island Marine Park are underwater habitats. The Underwater Sculpture Park is indeed a must-see. Located north of St. George’s at Moliniere Bay.
  • Visit Grenada during Carnival – Plan your Grenada Boat Charter during the second week of August. You certainly will be in for a special treat. This is the time for the annual “Carnival” celebration. And during this time there is an extra bit of joyfulness in the air wherever you go. Carnival events include live music, parades and street parties. As well as pageants, and features lots of food and drink.  Also, many of the resorts in Grenada partake in these festivities.
Marina Grenada
Marina Grenada

Gastronomy Highlights

The culinary style of Grenada is very uniquely the Caribbean. Because the land is so fertile, much of the food prepared Grenada resorts to use the finest fresh ingredients. Tropical fruit is also popular at mealtimes. By all means, wash down your meal with a cocktail made from locally distilled rums & fruit punch.

Local Specialities

  • Oildown – root vegetables, dasheen, and dumplings
  • Breadfruit – delicious when grilled
  • Seafood and Conch– prepared in a variety of ways
  • Oxtail
  • Salted meat – boiled in coconut milk


  • Armadillo Restaurant – Caribbean and seafood. Prior reservations required
  • The Beach Club at Calabash – Open for lunch. Placed on the white powdery sands of L’anse Aux Epines Beach, 
  • Bogles Roundhouse – Carriacou Island. Caribbean and seafood.
  • BB’s Crabback – Casual dining, waterfront restaurant
  • Aquarium – located right on the sand at Magazine Beach

Marina and Anchorages Grenada Boat Charter

In general, all the yacht havens and anchorages are found south of a line between St George’s on the west and St. David’s on the south coast.

  • Prickly Bay – Main anchorage and port of entry for the south coast
  • St George’s – First-class yacht marina. Main marina with 300 berths and room for superyachts to 200 ft.
  • Grenada Yacht Club
  • True Blue Bay
  • Mount Hartman Bay
  • Clarkes Court Bay and Hog Island
  • Phare Bleu Bay
  • Egmont Harbour
  • Calivigny and Westerhall Bays
  • St David’s
  • Carriacou – Hillsborough and Tyrell Bay

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