Introduction to the new crew of BVI Catamaran PEARL, Chloe and Stefan’s lifestyle

I met Chloe and Stefan during the November 2018 BVI Yacht Show. I was very excited as I learnt more about their background and plans for PEARL. Here is a brief summary of what their guests can look forward to:

Chef Chloe and Captain Stefan the crew of BVI Catamaran Pearl.

Chef Chloe and Captain Stefan

Catamaran Pearl | ECOCENTRIC

Every charter group will have a tree planted in their honour, to offset the carbon emissions created by one week of charter.  We are dedicated and passionate about making a positive change from within the industry for a cleaner, greener ocean; the place we call home. We don’t use bleach or any other toxic chemicals and only stock biodegradable cleaners, toiletries and reef-safe sunscreen aboard.

Catamaran Pearl | EAT THE RAINBOW

Whilst I enjoy creating bespoke meal plans to cater for your clients tastes, I really enjoy creating themed meals, allowing guests to sample the delights of South East Asia, Greece, Italy and Spain, along with local Caribbean flavours of course – and vegetarian food is my specialty.  I source fresh, organic, healthy food wherever and whenever possible and ensure that your clients’ plates are as colourful and delightful as the rainbow (plating samples attached).

Sample Dishes Chloe Salder

Catamaran Pearl | YOGA

Bespoke Ashtanga/Hatha/Yin yoga classes will be offered to all guests (guests are invited to pledge 1 hour of their time ‘paying it forward’ in some way within their community in return).


Catamaran Pearl | DIVE

Stefan will be your clients’ personal Dive Master and Pearl offers unlimited diving aboard, with her own inbuilt ‘go anywhere’ dive compressor, allowing us to explore ‘off the beaten track’.


Catamaran Pearl | FUN & ADVENTURE

We really enjoy having guests who want to be adventurous, explore the islands above and below the water, as well as their communities.  Thrill-seeking kitesurfers will find themselves in the perfect company,  as will those who enjoy yoga, diving, hiking or having a bit of fun at a murder mystery dinner party.  Those clients who just want to kick back and enjoy the snorkeling, chill out with a great book, or float on a magical unicorn will also have a fantastic experience with us, too.  We offer fun, adventure and relaxation in equal measure and what we can promise is a unique and memorable experience.


Catamaran Pearl | SPECIAL OFFERS

  • Pearl is also offering a 10% discount off the all-inclusive rates for any pre-Christmas booking.


Catamaran Pearl | FAMILY FRIENDLY

  • Don’t forget, a swimming child (aged 15 or under at time of charter) is eligible for a discount. (take off $250 per child).
  •  FREE SLEEP ABOARD (minimun of 6 nights).

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Chloe & Stefan’s lifestyle video from the BVI boatshow:


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