BVI Catamaran Charters

Voyage beyond the ordinary with these 3 extraordinary yachts and crew

VOYAGE 600 Otterside

  • Charter between April 7th – April 18th
  • Captain Jon and Chef Nia

Chef Nia looks forward to pampering you with her specialties and of course, hospitality. She won the “Over 60ft Culinary competition” for best entree this year at the BVI Boat Show. Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime aboard this stunning yacht with this fantastic crew!

VOYAGE 580 MoonShadow

  • Charter between  April 13th – April 24th
  •  Captain Matthew and Chef Melissa

Chef Melissa thoroughly enjoys pampering and spoiling her guests with her tasty, beautifully created cuisine, which is all part of her desire to please. Mellissa looks forward to welcoming you aboard your luxury yacht! See the British Virgin Islands in style and let your crew take care of all the details!

VOYAGE 580 Wild Thing

  • Charter between April 25th – May 4th 2015
  • Captain Gavin and Chef Kenetha

Kenetha, happiest in the galley and known for her true to life motto: “Arrive as guest and leave as a family”! You can expect professional Culinary Cuisine with a blend of creativity and passion for fresh herbs and spices, all of which are beautifully presented. She will prepare delicious international meals from all over the globe; the Caribbean, America, France and Italy, to name but a few … The galley is her favorite place in the world!

Discover the BVI aboard a spacious and comfortable yacht and be pampered by this highly experienced crew!

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