BVI Catamaran Charter Free Ingwe is looking out for YOU, the customer. With changes to her charter fees and free diving, you will be very pleased to charter 45ft luxury catamaran Free Ingwe!

We are happy to report great reviews and updated pricing for the Spring Summer Charter Season with Free Ingwe

BVI catamaran charter Free Ingew

New pricing that saves you money

Free Ingwe is really looking out for you, the guests. They have implemented a few immediate changes with pricing so as not to  “nickel & dime” their guests.

  • From now on there will be no AC charge on Free Ingwe
  • All diving and dive equipment is included in the charter rate.
    • 5 dives for certified divers, includes equipment of BC, Reg, Tank, Lead and fills. (Dive Instruction for additional fee is available.)
  • Now Offering “1 sails Free ” pricing for groups of 3 or more in support of the Summer FREEdom BVI campaign.
    • So, 3 guests will pay the 2 passenger rate, 4 guests will pay 3 passenger rate, and so on.

Happy Family’s tell us how much they love Free Ingwe

Turner March 5-12, 2015 6 passenger

“Austin and Philippa made our FIRST experience on a yacht not only memorable but enjoyable as well. Philippa is an excellent chef and catered to us above and beyond our expectations. She made us feel extra special with her amazing cooking!

Austin was a great captain and went out of his way to make sure we had the best experience everywhere we went. In particular, Naomi saw an ad for “dolphin interaction” and screamed in enthusiasm about how she’s wanted to “kiss a dolphin since forever!!

The group has always known about Naomi’s “obsession” with dolphins and laughed it off and said they would explore the island and lay on the beach while she “went to kiss a dolphin.” Austin saw Naomi was a little upset no one wanted to share in the moment with her so he said, “I’ll join you Naomi. I’ll do it too.”

And he did!! This is above and beyond of what is expected from a captain and even customer service! Even the other tourists were surprised that our captain joined me and said we must be on one great boat! . We must say, we felt we made lifelong friends with captain Austin and chef/mate Phillipa. We are planning to yacht again because of our experience with them”

Shull Family February 17-25 , 7 passenger

“We had an amazing family vacation on Free Ingwe. Austin and Phillipa were so kind, helpful and patient with the 3 young kids on board.

Philippa gave our youngest Kyle so many” important Chef jobs” to do while she prepared our meals; he was so smitten and she was gracious and sweet to him every minute of our trip.
Kenna rarely left the captains’ chair, nor did she ever stop talking and asking him questions. Each morning as Austin prepared the boat to sail he would get a few pillows to prop Kenna up so she could “keep watch” with him. What a saint he is…she really never stops.

Austin also guided daily snorkel scavenger hunts for the 3 kids and my brother who doesn’t dive. This was so helpful as my brother would never have been comfortable in the water with all the kids. Philippa led us on some great dives and gave me helpful pointers and feedback after each dive. My confidence as a diver grew leaps and bounds throughout the week!!

A special thanks for helping us change the pick up/drop off spot so last minute. We are not sure of the rule changes but knew you had everything under control. Not only did the St. Thomas pick up save us time & Stress of ferrying over to Tortola, it saved us about $500 after all figured.”

Currently sailing the British Virgin Islands

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