Eustatia Island British Virgin Islands

Eustatia Island in the British Virgin Islands

Eustatia Island the British Virgin Islands

Eustatia Island British Virgin Islands – located in Eustatia Sound off the far northeastern coast of Virgin Gorda. This 30-acre privately-owned volcanic island is nestled behind a breathtaking reef with the vast Caribbean Sea disappearing into an uninterrupted horizon. The island is regularly featured and photographed for several publications and was has been listed as one of the top 20 most beautiful islands in the world by Islands Magazine.

The word “Eustatia” is a Greek-derived word meaning, “good place to stay.” The entire island, and a small neighboring island, Saba Rock, are both under the same long term lease.

The island is enclosed by reef and it has three soft white sand beaches and one of the largest coconut palm plantations in the British Virgin Islands. The shores are home to rays, starfish, sea turtles and a variety of reef fish and the island has special hiking trails to be explored.

Exploring the Islands

Nearby, to the south of Eustatia, lie the popular vacation destinations of Virgin Gorda’s North Sound; Prickly Pear Island, an undeveloped national park, lies to the West; Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, a Virgin Limited Edition luxury retreat, lies just to the North; and the Atlantic Ocean to the East. All are within a mile of Eustatia Island.


Eustatia Island has 3 pristine white beaches where you’ll find seashells, conch shells, sea glass, and coral. The main beach is on the south shore, with smaller more remote beaches to the south.

Swimming & Snorkeling

The snorkeling is fantastic anywhere along Eustatia Sound’s reef and especially over seagrass. The island shores are home to rays, starfish, sea turtles, and a variety of reef fish. The calm waters off the beach are ideal for swimming and snorkeling expeditions over coral reefs around the island.

Eustatia Island The British Virgin Islands – MAP

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