Guana Island

Guana Island

Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands an exclusive reserve.

Guana Island British Virgin Islands an 850-acre tropical island is one of the largest islands of the British Virgin Islands. You can swim, boat, paddleboard or kayak to some of the finest snorkeling and diving anywhere in the BVI on Guana Island. With three very distinct reef areas, the island offers amazing underwater experiences for everyone – from beginning snorkelers to hardcore, world-class divers.

White Bay’s parallel patch reefs are home to over 125 varieties of tropical reef fishes. And Muskmelon Bay’s Crab Cove is the perfect place to swim with large, oceanic fishes like tuna and king mackerel. Snorkelers in the know will tell you not to miss a trip to Monkey Point on Guana’s southerly tip, where the snorkeling is legendary. For experienced divers, Guana’s windward, rough-water North Bay has excellent deep reefs and wrecks that are best approached by boat. Just ask and we’ll be happy to arrange the dive for you.

Guana Island is a hideaway nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary where indigenous flora and fauna are protected. Flamingo and other bird watching and iguana feeding are great activities to enjoy. Hiking and walking trails are maintained throughout the Island. There are seven powder white sand beaches, some remote and secluded so you can relax under the sway of palm trees on the beach in total privacy.


Recorded history of Guana Island begins in the 18th century with the establishment of the “Quaker Experiment”—a sugarcane farming community. Ruins of the settlement are still visible on the island today. Now the island is home to an upscale resort.


  • Monkey Point is part of the British Virgin Islands National Park system. It is a very popular snorkeling location with teeming with fish.
  • White Bay is a calm area with small reefs in shallow water. This is a good area for spotting a variety of tropical fish and coral.
  • Muskmelon Bay is a deep bay with spectacular reefs at 60-80 feet, a wonderful area for the experienced diver.
  • North Bay is another area for the experienced diver to explore reefs and wrecks.

Guana Island British Virgin Islands – MAP

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