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Virgin Gorda

The second largest island in the B.V.I, Virgin Gorda means “fat virgin,” so named by Columbus for its shape as seen on the sea’s horizon. The island, of volcanic origin,  is made up of several distinctly different areas: the mountainous center, the location of Gorda Peak National Park, the North Sound, the Beach Coast, The Baths, and the Valley, which is the island’s main habitation.


virgin gorda british virgin islands

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor

The Baths

– The Baths is located on the southwestern shore of Virgin Gorda Narional Park. Moorings are available. This is a unique and beautiful location, but there can be swells at times. Anchoring is not permitted.

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town

– The marina offers over 100 berths, a large boat yard with full marina facilities capable of accommodating mega yachts up to 160′. The Harbour also has a dive shop, restaurant, some shops, banking facilities and a drug store. Within a short walk is Spanish Town and St Thomas Bay Beach.

Savannah Bay

– A delightful anchorage behind the reef in Savannah Bay. Anchoring is usually done in Pond Bay in the middle. Giorgio’s Table Restaurant is on the Point with a small dinghy dock below. This anchorage is not recommended for an overnight stay since a significant swell can penetrate the reef in northerly weather.

Long Bay

– A day anchorage just to the southeast of Mountain Point. Anchor on the sandy bottom.

Leverick Bay Resort & Marina, North Sound

– A superb destination with moorings, full-service marina, restaurant, dive shop, hotel, laundry, and provisions. Contact: Phone 284-495-7421. Web:

Bitter End Yacht Club, Gorda Sound

– A must-see unique nautical village catering to yachtsmen. The Quarterdeck Club and Marina offer private showers, fuel, electricity, garbage pickup, and mechanical services. Contact: Phone 284-494-2745

Biras Creek Marina

– A well-protected anchorage accessible directly from North Sound. Twenty-two moorings are available for a fee of $30 per night. Contact: Phone 284-494-3555

Gun Creek

– A protected anchorage to the east of Leverick Bay. Provisions, ferry, restaurant, taxi island tours, and garbage disposal are available.

Beaches/Scuba and Snorkel: 

virgin gorda british virgin islands

The Baths, Virgin Gorda


Virtually all of the crystal clear waters surrounding Virgin Gorda’s beaches are excellent for snorkeling and scuba. Several of the most popular beaches are listed here.

 The Baths – Located on the southwest tip of Gorda you will huge boulders stacked and strewn amongst the white powder sand and palm trees. The labyrinth of caves and caverns created by the massive boulders gives way to Devil’s Bay with truly breathtaking scenery and a must for any visitor.

 The Crawl – Great for small children and novice snorkelers. Giant boulders create a small lagoon of clear calm water, complete with some reefs, tropical fish, and even an occasional sea turtle. Picnic tables with barbecue grills are nearby.

Little Dix Bay on the Beach Coast – An absolute gem of a beach, hidden in its own cove, boasts a white sand beach and breaking framed by small mountains and their rocky points.

Long Bay the Beach Coast – A remote secluded beach for perfect for birding and beach-combing.

Mahoe Bay on the Beach Coast – This beach gives you the lovely feeling of being in a lagoon. Gently curving white sand is demarcated by its own small hillside valley onshore.

Savannah Bay the Beach Coast – One of the nicest pure beaches without development, it is on an interesting geographic location at the neck of the island.

Prickly Pear Island on the North Sound – A nice calm swimming beach with a beach bar. Hike up over the ridge through the Prickly Pear nature refuge to North Beach for outstanding swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing and beach-combing.


There are quite a few places to shop in Yacht Harbour.  For provisions and tasty treats, visit the Bath and Turtle, Buck’s Food Market, or the Wine Cellar. For gifts and clothing, try the Blue Banana, B.V.I. Apparel Outlet, Dive BVI LTD, Flamboyance, Margo’s Jewelry Boutique, and Shereen’s Nauti Virgin Too. Art lovers will enjoy Next Wave, Thee Artistic Gallery, and the Virgin Gorda Craft Shop.

Beyond the Yacht Harbour you’ll find plenty of quaint shops offering local handicrafts, artwork, accessories and gifts. Try The Palm Tree Gallery in Leverick Bay or On the Rocks Beachtique at The Baths, or perhaps pick up some rum at the Pusser’s Company Store at Leverick Bay.


virgin gorda british virgin islands

Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda

Biras Creek – An elegant restaurant overlooking North Sound. Dinner dress code and reservations required. Phone 284-494-3555

Bitter End Yacht Club – The Clubhouse overlooks Gorda Sound and serves fresh fish, lobster, steak and island specialties. The Pub beach side bar serves light luncheon fare. Phone 284-494-2746

Fat Virgin’s Café – Casual waterside café located at Biras Creek. Burgers, sandwiches, doups, ribs, roti, past, fish, frozen drinks and gourmet coffees. Phone 284-495-7052

Saba Rock Restaurant – Serving pub fare for lunch and an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet. Phone 284-495-7711




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