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Great Camanoe British Virgin Islands

Great Camanoe British Virgin Islands

Great Camanoe British Virgin Islands is a small island located just north of Beef Island and northeast of Tortola. It is primarily a residential island. It is divided into two residential communities, Indigo Plantation and The Privateers, both on the southern half of the island. Access to the island is by boat only. Across from Great Camanoe are the islands of Marina Cay and Scrub Island. Both islands have restaurants, bars, and entertainment during the season.

When moored off Marina Cay you can kayak or snorkel along Great Camanoe’s shoreline and around Marina Cay.

Great Caminoe British Virgin Islands

Great Camanoe | Anchorages:

  • Lee Bay – West Coast of Great Camanoe
  • Cam Bay – East Coast of Great Camanoe across from Lee Bay

Diving and Snorkeling

The calm waters of  Cam Bay which are a part of the British Virgin Islands National Parks and are excellent for snorkeling along its protective reef.

Great Camanoe British Virgin Isalnds MAP

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