10 Top Dive Sites in the BVI

10 Top Dive Sites in the BVI

Do you enjoy scuba diving?  Are you looking for the top dive sites in the British Virgin Islands?

From Tortola, to Virgin Gorda, Anegada and beyond – Here is a list of your 10 top dive sites in the BVI

RMS Rhone

This is the BVI’s most famous dive site, and for good reason – much of the structure is intact, creating habitat for silversides, lobsters, channel crabs and more. Thanks to its protected status as marine park, the wreck acts as a canvas for color: red, purple and yellow sponges crowd much of the metal. Inside, Find large swaths of orange corallimorph.

Wreck of the Rhone, BVI

R.M.S. Rhone Wreck


For sightings of eagle rays, barracuda, goliath groupers and massive schools of fish — including horse eye jacks and yellowtail snapper — few advanced dive sites compare to this 246 ft long Korean refrigeration ship that lies between Virgin Gorda and Anegada.


The fast-flowing waters, here where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, attract everything from cobia to tarpon. This advanced dive site is also home to pillar coral fields and octopus dens.Scuba diver in the BVI

Angelfish Reef

Located off the tip of Norman Island this intermediate site is perhaps the best turtle-viewing spot, thanks to sea grass beds that provide endless grazing. Swim around the corner to find surge braking against rocky outcroppings that jut from the surface. In this dynamic area, find rivers of creole wrasse and lube tangs, as well as opportunistic barracuda.



Off the west coast of West Dog Island, the sheer-walled boulders here shelter slipper lobsters, gold-spotted eels and schools of snapper, which in turn attract cobia and other larger predators.

Alice in Wonderland

This intermediate dive site off of Ginger Island winds along spur-and-groove reefs covered with gorgonians and elkhorn corals. Look to the sand chute to find lobsters and Southern stingrays and to the blue to watch Caribbean reef sharks cruising past.Gorgonian Coral in the BVI

Twin Towers

At this advanced site off of Jost Van Dyke, two massive, coral-covered boulders mark the start of a gently sloping amphitheater where Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks occasionally fin past.

Wreck Alley

Off Cooper Island, find the Mary L., Beata and Pat wrecks, where spotted eagle ray sightings are common. This advanced site -80ft to the sand- is also home to garden eels and green moray eels.

Ginger Island & Cooper Island

Ginger Island & Cooper Island

The Visibles

An advanced dive, the way the water flows around this coral-covered pinnacle attracts turtles, spotted eagle rays and schools of horse eye jacks.

Painted Walls

This beginner site is a series of swim-through canyons draped with white, orange, purple, green, and yellow encrusting sponges. Look up to find slipper lobsters and fairy basslets and down to encounter Southern stingrays and gray angelfish.

Scuba Diving in the BVI is an amazing and unforgettable experience. With a reputation for some of the top dive sites in the world, no wonder divers come from around the globe annually to the British Virgin Islands.

Charter a crewed yacht or go bare-boating for total freedom. Whatever you desire we are here to help you plan an unforgettable scuba diving vacation.

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