Anegada Island British Virgin Islands

Anegada Island British Virgin Islands –  the second largest of the British Virgin Islands is a coral island that is in contrast to its mountainous sister islands in the Virgin Islands. It is approximately eleven miles long by  two and half miles wide with extensive salt ponds, reaching  its highest point at 28 feet, hence its name which means the “drowned land.” Of coral reef origins, Anegada has 16 miles of beautiful sandy beaches with a primeval quality. It is well known for wreck diving, bone fishing, deep sea fishing, lobsters, conch, flamingos and long beautiful deserted beaches.

Anegada Island British Virgin Islands

Anegada Island, BVI

Anegada is “guarded” by the famous Horseshoe Reef to its southeast, which at eighteen miles long, is one of the world’s largest coral reefs and the longest in the Caribbean. Horseshoe Reef has claimed more than 300 hundred shipwrecks which made it well known for wreck diving. However it is not illegal to anchor on Horseshoe Reef.

Anegada is approximately 18 miles northwest of Virgin Gorda making it an easy sail on a good day. The channel to the anchorage at Setting Point  is well marked. As you sail in with good weather and light you will pass many coral heads. Anegada is a wonderful overnight destination for those who enjoyed excellent beaches, fresh lobster and conch meals and down to earth entertainment.

Water Sports

Watersports here include Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, bone fishing, and snorkeling. Snorkeling at the northern end of the island offers magnificent reefs and clear blue water for fabulous snorkeling. Loblolly Bay, Jack Bay and Cow Wreck Bays are some of the most popular spots for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Cow Wreck Beach – Located on the north shore of Anegada,Cow Wreck Beach is a beautiful spot to relax, swim and snorkel. The beach was named for the cow bones that washed upon the beach after ships carrying these animals to the islands wrecked on its reefs. After soaking in the sun, stop by the Cow Wreck Beach Bar for lunch, dinner or a beverage.

Loblolly Bay Beach – Loblolly Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand beach on the north shore of Anegada. This is arguably the best beach on the island for snorkeling. Swim over the reefs to explore the colorful angel fish, parrot fish and natural coral. There are a few small caves and a wreck to view, as well. The restaurant “Big Bamboo” is located here if you want to take a break from the sun and surf to enjoy a delicious meal. This is also an excellent spot for beach combing. Walk the long beach to collect beautiful shells and view the island flora and fauna.

Jack Bay Beach – Jack Bay Beach is yet another wonderful spot to swim, snorkel and relax on beautiful Anegada. Located just west of Loblolly Beach, this is a peaceful and relaxing spot.

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