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This Belize yacht charter itinerary eases you into a world of natural wonders amid a series of marine preserves tucked behind the protective barrier reefs off the Belizean coast. There are many deserted cayes throughout the sailing area providing complete tranquility or, if you prefer, visit one of the populated islands and experience a great meal ashore. The possibilities on your yacht charters in Belize are endless.


Laru Beya Marina to South Water Cay – 36 nm. Heading north-northeast takes you up the Inner Channel to the Blue Ground Range. Although South Water Cay is part of the Belizean marine preserve, it’s also inhabited.  It is host to three resorts, so dining out is possible. IZE, a field research location, and the educational resort are located here, and the hosts could not be any friendlier. Just south is Carrie Bow Caye, a day Anchorage, offering exceptional snorkeling and a spectacular wall dive.


South Water Cay to Cocoa Plum Cay – 11 nm. Sailing north just inside the barrier reef, favoring the reef side of the passage, brings you to beautiful Tobacco Cay, where you can drop anchor and enjoy some excellent snorkeling. Later, continue to the north-northwest toward the southern tip of Garbutt Cay before turning south to the moorings at Cocoa Plum Cay’s Thatch Cay Resort, an excellent stop in your Belize sailing itinerary. There’s a nice restaurant at the resort, as well as Internet access. Thatch Cay Resort is very popular, especially with children, because of the many coatimundis that roam freely around this cay.

Scuba-Belize-Holchan-Marine reserveDAY 3, LAGOON CAY

Cocoa Plum Cay to Lagoon Cay – 16 nm. The next leg of your Belize itinerary takes you on an easy broad reach down the Inner Channel, with the picturesque and remote Belizean coast stretching out before you across the brilliant turquoise waters. Your graceful yacht will ride the gentle, balmy breeze of the Victoria Channel just south of Quamino Cay. This short tack will bring you to your next overnight anchorage.  If you’re up for it, you can snorkel around the entire island under the overhanging Mangroves. The area is filled with juvenile fish, sponges, corals, Ospreys, and Pelicans. The inner lagoon can be explored by dinghy where you may see Sea Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, and the occasional Manatee.


Lagoon Cay to Queen Cay (Silk Cay) – 17 nm. Sailing on a southeasterly heading down Victoria Channel, you soon round Little Water Cay and then proceed east to Queen Cay. The Queen Cays (locals call them the Silk Cays) offer unforgettable snorkeling and diving along the edge of the barrier reef. The best beach and anchorage is off the southern cay. There’s a picnic table ashore nestled among the tall palms, where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch.


Queen Cay to Ranguana Cay – 8 nm. Your Belize sailing itinerary takes you southwest across clear, open water to Ranguana Cay, an excellent overnight anchorage allowing for dinner at a small resort. An exciting detour to Laughing Bird Cay National Park for a day of bird watching and snorkeling will add another four nautical miles to the passage, but it’s a leisurely off-the-wind sail and well worth the endeavor. Named for the laughing gulls that nest there, the cay has one mooring. Both Laughing Bird Cay and Ranguana Cay are incredibly beautiful examples of Belizean sailing.


Ranguana Cay to No Name Point (or Placencia Harbour) – 18 nm. Situated just eight nautical miles from Placencia Harbour, No Name Point is a well-protected anchorage and a good jump off point for a Monkey River Tour. Alternatively, Placencia Harbour makes a great stop on the last night of your Belize sailing itinerary. Going ashore to explore the village is delightful. Many restaurants are serving a variety of fare, including Creole, Italian, French, and Indian.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole, Belize


The Belize Barrier Reef spans 185 miles of the country’s coastline and features dive sites inside and outside the reef. There are countless dive locations for anyone from Dive Masters to beginners. The Blue Hole was originally a cave that formed about 10,000 years ago. It’s visible from outer space and is home to some of the largest midnight parrot fish in the world. The water is clear, and underwater visibility routinely extends hundreds of feet, so you can easily view activity under the surface. Since temperatures are similar to that of bath water, the water is always mild. Amazing views and comfortable water temperatures, it’s all here waiting for you!

*Note: Whether it is deep sea diving, snorkeling, or on-land sightseeing that interest you most, we will build a Belize yacht charter itinerary that best suits your interest and desires. This itinerary is just a sample of what your 7-night adventure in Belize on board your private yacht charter may look like. Furthermore, the weather – or other outside factors – may require your Captain to set an alternative course for a duration of your trip. “As the wind blows, so shall the sail”.
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