Bareboat Charters

Palm Island Beach, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Bareboat Charters

 The British Virgin Islands, Grenadines, St. Martin, Antigua and more

Salt Whistle Bay, The Grenadines

For qualified sailors, bareboat charters offer the ultimate freedom. Go where you want, do what you want, explore, join in the festivities ashore or slip away from everything on a remote beach.

With no timetable, no crew, and an endless supply of beaches, coves and unique islands to visit, sailboat or motorboat, bareboat yacht charter represent the ultimate get-away vacation. Wake up each morning in a different harbor, explore new islands. Find that perfect coral reef to snorkel or dive on, or lounge away the afternoon on a secluded beach.

At night, dine on delectable tropical cuisine ashore. Or prepare your own special dinner in the galley and enjoy a romantic dinner aboard. Then, simply fall asleep to the sounds of the sea in a quiet, peaceful cove. Awaken the next morning – and do it all over again.

If this is your idea of a dream vacation then what are you waiting for? Let us make all the preparations for you. We will help you choose the boat, and destination for your dream vacation getaway.

Are you worried you’re not qualified to bareboat?

In terms of qualification, there is no particular licensing or certification required to bareboat charter in some areas of the Caribbean. What charter companies primarily look for is skippering experience on a boat similar in size and type to the one you wish to charter. “Bareboat certification” or “liveaboard cruising” courses are valuable, but without skippering experience, yacht charter companies will not consider you to be “qualified”.

During your check-out process, the company can determine that you should take a skipper at your expense for a period of time until you are comfortable operating the boat. You could also choose to have a skipper on-board taking care of the boat’s operation during your vacation.

Type of boats for bareboat charters?

You may choose a motorboat, sailing catamarans or monohull sailboats, depending on your sailing experience and preference. The Grenadines are a wonderful destination choice due to the many lovely harbors, small islands, and cays to explore. Or, maybe you prefer the laid back atmosphere of The Abacos in the Bahamas with its many secluded white-sand beaches.

More questions about bareboat charters?

If so, please call our yacht charter specialists at 321-777-1707. They know about yacht chartering. We have been in the business of yacht chartering for almost 30 years. Let us help you pick the right bareboat yacht charter and the perfect Caribbean destination for your Dream Sailing Vacation!