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The Bahama Islands, The World’s Great Cruising Ground

Discover turquoise waters, sparkling beaches, moderate winds. Additionally, a wealth of new anchorages on your Bahamas Yacht Charter. These fantastically rich waters bring exceptional sailing. This is the cruising paradise called The Bahamas. Nature in this case took centuries of coral to make the foundation for these low-lying islands. You will be attracted to the subtle beauty of soft sands, sheltered sailing, and surprising delights of seclusion. These laid-back islands are known for world-class snorkeling, diving, and fishing. As well as particularly astonishing beaches, picturesque settlements, and genuine friendliness.

Diving while on a Bahamas Yacht Charter
Diving in the Bahamas

Abacos Bahamas

Abacos Bahamas
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Exumas Bahamas

Exumas Bahamas
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One of the world’s most extensive barrier reef systems surrounds the Bahamas. Reef-and-cay sheltered waters specifically provide 100 miles of relaxed cruising. Because of the relatively shallow safety of The Sea of Abaco. Many years ago, it used to be home to some swashbuckling pirates. Not surprisingly, several shipwrecks are waiting for you to explore. On your Bahamas Yacht Charter, you will enjoy some of the world’s significant cruising areas in those clear waters. Easy air access from anywhere in North America makes this “the Caribbean that’s close to home.” Visitors from across the world come to find the warm sun. Including beautiful turquoise waters, and hundreds of secluded soft white sand beaches.

Sailing in turquoise blue waters of Bimini in the Bahamas
Off Bimini Island Bahamas

The Abacos

Sandy beach with colorful sea kayaks on Abaco island
Beach on Great Abaco

The Abacos are a string of Bahamian islands located approximately 175 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. The “mainland” is Great Abaco. It is the third-largest island in the Bahamas. It has a curve of cays just a few miles offshore creating the protected Sea of Abaco. Again, perfect for a Bahamas Yacht Charter sailing excursion or a day trip powerboating. This area is historically different from other areas in the Bahamas. The population of the Abacos descended from Loyalists during the War of Independence from the United States. These blonde-haired, blue-eyed Abaconians have given up wrecking and rum-running. However, they still work in traditional occupations, farming, fishing, and boat building.

Small guest houses and family-run hotels, as well as private home rentals, allow for a more personal experience. Tourists can instantly embrace the relaxed culture and feel like locals. You will cruise in an area, comprised of Great Abaco and Little Abaco. Along with a delightful string of cays to the east. Begin in the center at quaint Man-O-War Cay.

The beach at Treasure Cay is one of National Geographic’s Top 10! Significantly, it offers great snorkeling locations. A Marine Park is another attraction at Fowl Cay. The cultural appeal of Green Turtle Cay is evident. Particularly with its museum, sculpture gardens, and dining at Green Turtle Club.

Visible for miles is the historic lighthouse of Hope Town, a candy-striped sentinel on the southeastern reef. You can sail south to Pelican Cays National Park from there. Surely, you will be amazed by the vast collection of colorful corals and sea life. Certainly, you will see giant starfish that are scattered along the sandy bottom for miles. Sail The Abacos on your Bahamas yacht charter vacation, and you won’t believe your eyes!

Bahamas Yacht Charter | The Exumas

Together with the Cays, Great Exuma offers an amazing variety of vacation possibilities in The Out Islands of The Bahamas. Your Bahamas Yacht Charter crew can guide you to a wide range of resorts and hotels.

Additionally, you will find available from luxury amenities to basic fishing lodges. The Exumas are a 120-mile long island chain. Within the chain of The Out Islands. Beginning at Great Exuma, the Cays stretch to the north-east toward New Providence. In short, The Cays are the most exotic of the Out Islands. A collection of tiny jewels set in the aquamarine and sapphire waters.

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