Mopion Island Grenadines


Mopion Island

Mopion Island Grenadines is more of a sandbank than an “island”.  This superlative sandbar – located in St. Vincent & the Grenadines – has appeared on dozens of magazine covers and continues to inspire artists, photographers, writers, as well as the average yachtsman. A quintessential “deserted island”, Mopion island quite literally is the poster child for the Caribbean.

There is no way that you can travel all the way to the Grenadines and miss this unique photo opportunity. Mopion, a dollop of sand surrounded by a transparent sea, is without even a single palm tree. The only speck of shade on Mopion is from a thatched hut in the middle of a sandbar 100 feet around.

Tender to shore from your chartered yacht anchored off  Mopion. Bring a cooler and spend the entire day lounging around on the island, soaking up the sun, or wading in the shallow water. Mopion Island is surrounded by a very well-developed series of reefs and great snorkeling can be found around the sandbank. Please remember to use your sunblock liberally. We enjoyed it so much we forgot to apply sunblock continuously. That night we felt it.

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